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GTA Committees

The Committee structure within GTA allows Members to raise issues that impact on their commercial operations, leading to industry consensus on particular issues such as, trade rules and grain standards.

The Chairman of each Technical Committee is Board appointed according to his or her particular qualifications.  Any Member can nominate themselves or someone else for a position on a GTA Technical Committee and all members can submit issues to the Technical Committees.

All GTA Technical Committees must agree to and abide by:


   Charter of the GTA Technical Committees  


   GTA Technical Committees Expense Guidelines



   GTA Technical Committees & Domestic Sector Council Nomination Form 2022-23



GTA Technical Committee Recommendations and Submissions

GTA Technical Committees will from time to time call on Members to submit recommendations on specific industry issues.

GTA also welcomes, throughout the year, Member submissions regarding any other industry issues of relevance to GTA's role in supporting the efficient facilitation of trade across the Australian grain supply chain.

Submissions should be presented to GTA on the following form and forwarded to

   GTA Technical Committee - Submission Form



Trade and Market Access Committee

The Trade and Market Access Committee shall make recommendations to the GTA Board on issues relating to:

  • Storage & Handling;
  • Contractual issues (domestic and export);
  • Conduct an advocacy role for the grain industry and statutory organisations on issues of importance to members;
  • GTA education and training issues, specifically those supporting the objectives of this Committee; and
  • Other relevant matters of concern to GTA members and within the area of expertise of the Biotechnology Committee.
Jason Craig Chair   (GTA Director)
Lyndon Asser Deputy Chair  (GTA Director)
Richard Perkins Deputy Chair
Michael Wood Rural Logic (GTA Director)
Rosemary Richards GTA Consultant
Adrian Reginato Cargill Australia Ltd
Richard Simonaitis AEGIC
Larissa Taylor GIWA
Rob Dickie CBH Group
Amelia Shaw Grain Growers
Nick Goddard Aust. Oilseeds Fed
Jade Saunders Viterra
Tony Russell GIMAF
Sean Barker Graincorp
Gerard McMullen NWPGP
Joshua Lawrence Ikon Commodities
Jodie Dean NSW Farmers

Commerce Committee

The Commerce Committee shall make recommendations to the GTA Board on issues relating to:

  • Review of and changes or additions to GTA contracts (includes compiling location differentials and other supporting documents);
  • Review of and  changes or additions to the GTA Trade Rules; and
  • Review and management of the GTA arbitration process.
Michael Wood Chair  (GTA Director)          
Lyndon Asser Deputy Chair (GTA Director)
Geoff Farnsworth Deputy Chair (GTA Director)
Simon Tickner GTA Director
Simon Gellert Glencore Agriculture
Justin Wilks ADM Trading Australia      
Nathan Cattle Clear Grain Exchange
John Payne Cargill Australia Ltd 
George Keldoulis Emerald Grain
Stephen Howells Ridley Agriproducts
Andrew Jurgs Carpendale
Amelia Shaw Grain Growers 
Joshua Lawrence Allied Pinnacle
Shane Gale  Grain Producers Australia
Fiona Roycroft Riordan Grain Services
Sam Batters CHS Broadbent
Hamish Steel-Park Woodside Commodities 
Alex Onus GrainCorp
Ben Tiller CBH Group


Standards Committee

The Standards Committee shall make recommendations to the GTA Board on issues relating to:

  • Review and updates of commodity standards in cooperation with Pulse Australia, Australian Oilseeds Federation and other industry participants;
  • Review of issues relating to quality assurance for GTA Development of protocols for accreditation of laboratories involved in testing to support GTA contracts; and
  • Development of the Industry Codes of Practice.
Michelle Kerr Chairman  (GTA Director)  
Simon Tickner Deputy Chair  (GTA Director)
Rob Imray Deputy Chair
Gerard McMullen GTA Technical Consultant
Robert Eassie Grain Producers Australia
Vince Moroney CBH Group    
Adrian Reginato Cargill Australia Ltd   
Melinda Curwood Emerald Grain
Marcus Dingle Reid Stockfeeds
Jade Saunders Viterra
Jason Shanley GrainCorp
Paul Panozzo Allied Pinnacle
James Saunders Commodity Inspection Service
Zach Whale GrainGrowers Ltd
Justyn O'Sullivan Australian Superintendence Co


Transport, Storage & Ports Committee

The Transport, Storage & Ports Committee is responsible for making recommendations on:

  • Port Terminal and Container Matters; 
  • Transport, Storage and Quality Assurance;
  • Other relevant matters of concern to GTA Members and within the area of expertise of the Transport, Storage & Ports Committee.
Geoff Farnsworth Chair (GTA Director)                   
Jason Craig Deputy Chair (GTA Director)
Michelle Kerr Deputy Chair (GTA Director)
Simon Tickner GTA Director
Craig Dennis Network Grains
Mark O'Brien George Weston Foods Ltd
Derek Rob Johns Viterra Ltd    
Andrew Weidemann Grain Producers Australia
David Syme Grain Brokers Australia Pty Ltd
Michael Broadbent CHS Broadbent 
Josh Connell GrainCorp
Matt Kelly Kelly Grains
Zach Whale Grain Growers
Morne' van Wyngaard CBH Group
Aaron Mato Emerald Grain
Jock Carter Quattro Ports
Alistair Boyd Cargill Australia
Matt Clarke Inghams


Plant Breeding Innovation

The Committee for Plant Breeding Innovation is responsible for making recommendations to the Board and industry on the potential effect to commerical activity as a result of the:

  • Planned intentional release of approved GM grain events; or the
  • Unplanned and unintentional release (escape) of unapproved grain events
  • Implications arising from plant breeding innovations
Jason Craig Chair (GTA Director)                   
Daniel Marsh Deputy Chair (GTA Director)
Rosemary Richards GTA Consultant
Tristan Coram Australian Grain Technologies
Tanya Pittard Grain Producers Australia (GPA)
Zach Whale GrainGrowers Ltd
David Hudson Invited by GTA, SGA Solutions
Nick Goddard Invited by GTA, AOF
Tresslyn Walmsley Invited by GTA, Wheat Breeders Ref.
Tony Russell GIMAF
Osman Mewett Invited by GTA, ASF
Michael Roche GrainCorp
Adrian Reginato Cargill Australia Ltd


Information Technology Advisory Committee

The Information Technology Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the GTA Board in relation to:

  • Improving the faciliation of trade through collaboration whilst acknowledging the value of investment, innovation, and differentiation in the competitive process and the faciliation of trade.
  • Identifying risks, gaps, and opportunities for the grains industry from a data and information technology perspective.
  • Identification of opportunities to improve data exchange across the industry and Governments (local and global) to improve efficient faciliation of trade.
Daniel Marsh Chair (GTA Director)
Ole Houe Deputy Chair (GTA Director)
Richard Perkins GTA Director
Zach Whale GrainGrowers Ltd
David Houghton AgRisk Management Pty Ltd
Jay Holland National Grower Register
Ian Dalgliesh  Rise Agri
Peter Johnston GrainCorp
Nathan Cattle Clear Grain Exchange
Michael Rayner CBH Grain
Emma Weston AgriDigital
Matthew Trewin Cargill
Jade Saunders Viterra